Catching up with Kathy Edmondson
of BBW Club Catalina


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By: Raqui

When LargeInCharge started it was all about what was happening on the East Coast, since I was based out of New York City.  As the years went by I learned more and more about what was happening on the West Coast and all inbetween.  This is when I starting learning about the BBW Club Scene and Club Catalina was at the top of the list of well organized and raved about events.  That is when I started to learn more about Kathy Hernandez (now known as Kathy Edmondson).  I was able to feature BBW Club Catalina in 2008 and was looking forward to meeting one day. 

With us both having the same last name the Hernandez sisters was a little nick name we came up with after we met at the BBW Vegas Bash in 2010.  In my sleepy after party buzzed brain, I called her the wrong name and she gracefully didnt mention it.  UGH RAQUI STRIKES AGAIN, I never remember anyones name and call people by the wrong name often because I cant keep it straight.  She was not offended even though I was utterly shamed.  That only happened once though, we have kept in contact since then and we have worked together when Kathy decided to write a column for LargeInCharge Magazine for 2 years.

 Raqui and Kathy Vegas Bash 2010

When I found out Kathy was getting married I was so excited for her even though my Internet Hernandez sister would have a new name.  Still with a great guy like David Edmondson who would be a good supportive partner in business and an amazing life partner in marriage.  How could I be anything but happen and then utterly over joyed when David also began writing for LargeInCharge Magazine. 

Now BBW Club Catalina is expanding into the Bash Scene with there first Halloween Boo Bash.  I hope to see Club Catalina expand and grow even more.  This amazing woman and her darling husband will continue to make marks in the BBW World.  So you better stay updated and aware.  You will not want to miss a thing.

Kathy and David Edmondson

BBW Club Catalina Halloween Boo Bash:  Check out the event infomation on how to attend. You dont want to miss this one. view below pictures to get taste. Click each thumbnail for a full size image.




Interview What is your name?  

Kathy Edmondson Where are you from and what is your current Location?

 I am originally from a small town in Michigan but I have lived in San Diego County for 29 years.   My husband David and I moved to Temecula California a year and a half ago and we love it here.   When did you first appear in LargeInCharge Magazine?

BBW Club Catalina first appeared as a cover story on Large In Charge Magazine in September of 2008.   BBW Club Catalina was coming up on its 2nd Anniversary Party in November of 2008.   We will be open for 7 years this coming November, 2014. 

Issue #54 - September 2008 Please tell us why you were featured?

 I was featured because I had opened BBW Club Catalina for monthly parties in San Diego and we wanted to share this information with people who would like to join us for our club nights, game nights, pool parties, dinners and movie nights.  How did you feel when you appeared inLargeInCharge?  

 I couldnít stop smiling when I saw the cover article on BBW Club Catalina because it was a great source of exposure for the night club and I knew a lot of people would really enjoy spending time with such a friendly and outgoing group. How do you feel now about being included in our special Decade editions?  

 I am probably more excited being include in the special Decade editions because a lot of BBW Night Clubs come and go and BBW Club Catalina is still having monthly night club events and other activities in San Diego.  We are also having a 3 day Halloween Boo Bash for the first time at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with a full itinerary of fun things to do and we are also having a pre party at our regular club location at The Consulate Hotel the Thursday before the bash starts so it will be 4 days of meeting new people, having fun and partying in San Diego from October 9-12, 2014.   We will have 3 club nights with a special Super Heroes Versus Super Villain Theme night on Saturday, Halloween Costume Contests, Booty Shaking Contest, Bingo, Family Feud, a hospitality room, karaoke, meet and greets, after parties, fashion show, raffles for great prizes, scavenger hunt and a bash bag full of goodies!! How has your life and endeavors changed since your appearance? 

 BBW Club Catalina has been advertising heavily in the local newspaper and we have a commercial coming out on July 25th in the movie theatres.  The BBW Club Catalina Halloween Boo Bash commercial will be seen by thousands of movie goers right before the previews start for each movie so I am so excited about this.  I have also changed my name from Kathy Hernandez to Kathy Edmondson!! David and I met a little over 2 and a half years ago and we were married on December 31, 2012.    We have joint custody of Davidís beautiful 9 year old daughter Safiyah who is a joy to have in the house.  We have our puppy Sochi who just turned 6 months old and we will be purchasing our first home together in November, 2014!!  What changes have you made to advance your career/business?   

We are both working in real estate.   David is the realtor and I am the loan officer so together we are Team Edmondson because he handles writing the purchase agreements and showing the homes and I am the Loan Broker.   David helps me with Club Catalina to set up for the night, security, charge cover and host the party with me also when we have our monthly parties. How long have you invested in your venture/career? 

Club Catalina will be open for 7 years in November of 2007 so we are excited about the upcoming Anniversary party.  Tell us about some of the most exciting events/occasions, you/your business have held/participated in.  

Club Catalina has been a bash club sponsor for many different BBW events such as NAAFA, Las Vegas BBW Bash, San Diego BBW Bash, Well Rounded BBW Bash, Orange County BBW Bash, LA Rock Your Curves BBW Bash, Vegas BBW Winter Weekend and now we are doing our first BBW Bash in October for 3 days with BBW Club Catalinaís 1st Annual Halloween BBW Bash from October 10-12, 2014.  Have you been featured in any press, on tv, newspapers etc? 

Yes I have appeared on the Dr Phil Show and ABC 10 news.   Club Catalina has been in the following newspapers or magazines:  Valley Center Roadrunner, La Prensa Newspaper, San Diego City Beat, Large in Charge Magazine, Solid Womanís Magazine, Bell Noire Magazine, Celebration of Curves, North County Times Newspaper, Passion for Plus Size Fashion, Thick and Luscious, Tangled Up In Lace and BBW Shrine. What changes have you seen for plus sized people since your first appearance?

I think plus sized people have a better attitude about themselves and their bodies since coming to BBW Club Catalina.  They come to a size acceptance night club where they donít have to worry about being criticized or humiliated because of their weight.  I have seen many people lose weight just because they are happier, going out more and loving life because they arenít as unhappy or depressed because society is telling us that being  thin is what is in and anything else is something to be ashamed about. Are there any changes you had to make for your venture/career flourish? 

I have decided to spend more money in advertising in newspapers, handing out professional glossy flyers and I have decided that I canít do this on my own so when people ask me if they can help spread the word by handing out flyers than I accept their help graciously and thank them.   The more people who are out there telling people about BBW Club Catalina than the more people that will join our group. What are some of the most important things you have learned through the years? 

I have learned that you canít make everyone happy and you have to follow your heart and do what you think is right.  I listen to what people tell me about what they want for the club and I know that change is happening all the time so to keep going in a business than you need to keep exploring different options and ways of doing things. How is your standing in the Plus Sized Community among the people?  Good feedback, negative feedback, learning lessons? 

I have a lot of friends in the Plus Size Community and itís a good feeling to know when you go to other BBW events so even if I go alone that I wonít be alone for long because over the past 10 years I have met so many friends through these BBW Events. What would you say inspires you most in life?

My husband David and my children inspire me the most in life.   My friends and other family members also inspire me to be a good person and put everything back into the community that I can.  Any new ventures/items/products you have planned for the future?   

I think the Halloween BBW Bash in October is going to be a great start and I will probably do another bash in the spring every year and continue with the Halloween Boo Bashís every October so San Diego has two large bashes each year in addition to our monthly themed parties. What are your future goals? 

David and I would like to own or rent our own location so we are able to have the dťcor, furniture that is BBW Friendly and be able to have more control over a venue so we can be open every Saturday instead of having once a month night club parties.  We could also use the venue for game nights, football parties and karaoke. What advice would you give to other people of size who might be interested in doing something similar?  

I think having a BBW Night Club in every major city would be great but the person needs to know they have a lot of hard work ahead of them and not to give up if they have a low turn out here or there.   If you keep handing out flyers, putting up ads, asking friends and family to help you than you will be successful. Describe yourself/ your company/org with one word.   


Check out BBW Club Cataline Halloween Boo Bash - Its an event you want to attend!