Celebrating almost two decades as a Graphic Designer/Published Illustrator, Jean Nerestant Jr (Jness) got his start as a graphic artist in 1994, Still working as a graphic designer by day/ Jness devotes time to his hip hop Culture, comic book art and Plus size/BBW Art.



with Jness




This month I present you with an illustration that mimics the very familiar image we see every day in the media, featuring the triumphant plus size woman who found a miraculous method to lose weight. The ďbefore and afterĒ photograph. My illustration puts a fresh spin on the scenario. The big girl is the hero in my rendition, on the side showing improvement. Now please donít get me wrong, I am not against safe, healthy weight loss by any stretch of the imagination. My artwork featured in this article promotes a positive outlook on the body you are in and most importantly at the size you currently are. I donít like the way weight loss pill pushers place their advertisements in every area that pertains to people of size. Yes, I understand its business. There is something about it that feels more like an intrusion. They even create Facebook accounts posing as regular people so that their sales people can friend you just to post ads on your wall. This is a gesture I donít appreciate, resulting in me blocking them. I refuse to have my artwork be used as a lure to pressure people into purchasing weight loss products. That would be a gross misrepresentation of what my artwork stands for.


Many plus sized people have gone under the knife in order to have fat removed from their bodies. It is the individualís right to choose this path. The size acceptance community has been in existence for quite some time. A lot of benchmarks have been accomplished in the areas concerning discrimination against people because of their size. There is still a lot of work to be done. Itís interesting watching how surgery can instantly change membership status in this community. Whatís even more interesting is what people do once they are no longer plus size. There is a woman I know on Facebook who used to be a very active leader in Yahoo bbw groups. She is no longer a woman of size. I recently read comments she made making fun of plus size celebrities. Itís funny how we can firmly believe in a thing and moments later forget where we came from and what it felt like to be mistreated and disrespected because of oneís appearance.


The truth of the matter is that we should all be true to the words we speak. Just because your situation has changed doesnít mean your perspective has to completely change. If anything your insight should be richer and help form a more informed perspective. Love yourself as you are and donít allow others to make you feel like less than you are. You deserve more than that. If your desire is to lose weight, do it safely, and do it for yourself. Make sure itís not for others, because after you lose the weight they will just find something else to be critical of.


Hope you like this monthís illustration. Share your thoughts with me by sending your e-mails to jness4bbws@gmail.com. Iím looking forward to hearing from you.


Jean JNESS Nerestant
Large In Charge Magazine